What We Do

Strategic Consulting

Marketing has become a key driver of business success.  This makes your marketing strategy mission-critical.

Whether you’re looking to reach new audiences, keep pace with a changing competitive landscape, or become more laser-focused, Lyrist works with you to create plans and programs that take you where you want to go.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the bedrock from which all other marketing is built. And its quality and efficacy can have a major impact on your other marketing efforts.

With that in mind, we create content that supports your overall marketing strategy, reinforces your brand, attracts prospects, and converts prospects into customers.  From elegant web content, to succinct presentations, to educational e-books and blogs, Lyrist provides content that makes a difference.

Demand Generation and Lead Nurturing

We’re here to keep your pipeline flowing. With rich demand generation experience combined with a commitment to innovation, we know what works and what keeps your message fresh. Whether you’re looking for the best in search, web development, growth hacking, email marketing, advertising, social, and beyond, we have you covered.

While having big top-of-the-funnel numbers is great, without a strong lead nurturing strategy, those prospects will grow cold, resulting in significant lost revenue and lowered marketing ROI.  At Lyrist, we develop lead nurturing programs that compress your sales cycle, create an enriched customer experience, and dramatically increase lead to sales conversions.

Design, Development, and Project Management

We partner with Silicon Valley’s most talented, innovative independent designers and developers who are passionate about their craft – and know what it takes to make your website, app, and designs stand out and deliver peak performance.

Have your own designers and developers? We’re happy to work with them to manage quality deliverables that are so critical to your successful marketing programs.

Oakland, CA