Case Studies

Varsity Logistics, Inc.

Leading Supply Chain Management Technology

Our approach resulted in record-breaking leads by number and by dollar, a record breaking sales month, and the surpassing of corporate revenue growth targets year over year. We also generated a 25% increase in product training attendance and delivered consistently sold out training courses.

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Lyris, Inc.

Leading Email Marketing Technology

Via our Webinar programs, we drove a 10% lift quarter over quarter for six consecutive quarters and several record-breaking months in overall program KPIs such as registrations, attendance, lead quality, and CPL. We also produced 150% growth of Webinar registrations, our client’s number one lead source.

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Intraware, Inc.

Leading Digital Asset Delivery Technology

We increased Intraware’s prospect base from less than 9000 to over 172,000, which significantly increased the company’s revenue. Our advertising campaigns yielded considerably higher than industry average response rates and up to a 35% conversion rate.

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Discreet, a Division of AUTODESK

Leading Content Creation, Management, and Distribution Technologies

Via a major roadshow tour, we yielded a 200% ROI and attracted a 50% increase in the number of prospects. For a new product launch, we attracted 1200 prospects at the formal launch event and drove 7000 downloads of the product demo within a three-month period from launch.

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Keibi Technologies, Inc.

Social Media Monitoring Technology

Through our website redesign, we increased conversions by 300% within just three weeks. Our advertising campaigns generated record-breaking CTRs and conversions while generating hundreds of Webinar registrations from Fortune 500 brand and leading social network targets.

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Intersperse, Inc.

Application Management Technology

Our integration and marketing operations improvements enabled us to measure, iterate, and improve marketing metrics quickly, dramatically streamlining marketing reporting and analysis and increasing ROI.

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Oakland, CA