Case Study Title

Varsity Logistics, Inc.

Leading Supply Chain Management Technology


Record-breaking leads by number and by dollar


Record breaking sales month


Consistently sold out courses


200% increase in MDF


Top 3 in partner revenue

Though Varsity was well established in their space, its marketing infrastructure was lacking in core measurement metrics. The company had only an anecdotal understanding of its marketing program performance. The company also wanted to improve the effectiveness of their lead generation programs as well as increase professional services and sales revenue. Additionally, Varsity needed to forge relationships with key industry companies to increase their visibility, take advantage of market development funds, and align their products with complementary technology.

Lyrist worked with executives to understand Varsity’s most meaningful and actionable marketing metrics, then developed and directed marketing accountability efforts including the company’s first formalized marketing program ROI analyses, website traffic tracking and analyses, and lead level reporting and analyses.

Lyrist also created several unique demand generation initiatives using integrated strategies, lead nurturing, sales and support enablement and training, and channel marketing.  We also developed integrated marketing campaigns to promote Varsity’s product training programs in order to increase customer independence and alleviate the stress on their over-taxed customer support and services groups.

Additionally, we created direct and telemarketing initiatives to Varsity’s existing customer base in order to generate lift in the number of professional services contracts and in contract durations.

And finally, we forged tight relationships with key contacts within Varsity’s Fortune 500 business development targets.

Our approach resulted in record-breaking leads by number and by dollar, a record breaking sales month, and the surpassing of corporate revenue growth targets year over year. We also generated a 25% increase in product training attendance and consistently sold out training courses. We also produced record-breaking months in Varsity’s professional services revenue.

Our business development efforts resulted in strategic technology partnerships with IBM, Oracle, and Infor.  These efforts produced a 200% increase in market development funding (MDF), supplemental development and support resources, and a top three ranking in Infor’s “revenue generated by strategic partners.”

Oakland, CA