Case Study

Discreet, a Division of AUTODESK

Leading Content Creation, Management, and Distribution Technologies


200% ROI


50% increase in prospects


7000 new product demo downloads

Discreet had just been purchased and desktop solutions were beginning to gain a foothold in the server-driven, high-end digital effects market.  The company was quickly evolving, and so was the market. Discreet needed to be very visible in order to assure their market that the acquisition was beneficial.  It also needed to enter the desktop visual effects market in order to maintain its overall leadership position.

In order to assure customers, prospects, and industry thought leaders that the company was healthy in the midst of the acquisition, Lyrist developed a sophisticated, multi-faceted 12-city road show to launch a new range of products into Discreet’s emerging and existing markets.

Additionally, to remain competitive in the rapidly growing desktop visual effects space, Lyrist developed the marketing strategy and supporting programs to launch a new product, combustion, to the visual effects market.

The Discreet road show yielded a 200% ROI and attracted a 50% increase in the number of prospects relative to Discreet’s past road shows.

The combustion launch attracted 1200 prospects at the formal launch event and drove 7000 downloads of the combustion demo within a three-month period from launch.

Oakland, CA